Wildcat mast e

The 21SE hulls are similar to the 21SC but the similarities end there, the 21SE is a performance oriented boat. It is no longer in production but it had a beam of nearly 10 feet and 14 feet with the wings. The boat was intended for a racing crew of two or three adults. It also had centreboards instead of daggerboards a 33-foot mast and 300 sq ft (28 m 2 ). of sail. It weighs 700 lbs and has a D-PN of . [9] It had arched, curved crossbars. It was raced as a one design boat in professional racing circuits. The boat is fast and stable but probably saw low production numbers because of its weight, the need to telescope the hulls for trailering and because it is difficult to right the boat if it capsizes without outside assistance.

Wildcat mast e

wildcat mast e


wildcat mast ewildcat mast ewildcat mast ewildcat mast ewildcat mast e