Tcode for bol query

You write above that the BOL and GenIL layers are still used to feed the WebClient UI. This seems very reasonable to me as otherwise the whole UI would have needed a complete rebuild. What I do not get completely is how the GenIL now interacts with the “new” APIs for BP and BT.
For transaction handling in BT this seems quite doable. You state that the CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN and CRM_ORDER_READ are still available. The whole GenIL Component retrieves the data through them. Can you say if the previous layering in _OW, _OB and _DB function modules is still existent and can they be used? To me it seems a very big tradeoff on performance to keep this.
What is about the searches? I already mentioned the notorious RFW above. It is used for each and every transaction search in SAP CRM. Are all queries in CRM and BI Extractors completely rewritten?
Business Partner maintenance in BP seems a different story to me. There is no central CRM_ORDER… but like a thousand function modules doing stuff. The approach to searching is very different as well. You do not have RFW, but either BUPA_SEARCH_2 or other function modules. Sometimes even direct SQL in the GenIL layer. Any pointers at how BP is done in S/4?

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    I am unable to see the screenshots.
    Could you pls look into it.
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  • Former Member May 23, 2012 at 9:16 am Hi all,

    Tcode for bol query

    tcode for bol query