Tbulb 60 watt

Philips A19 LED light bulbs provide 800 Lumen’s of cool crisp light, equivalent to 60-watt incandescents with 80% less energy use. These bulbs fit standard medium base (E26) fixtures with the look and feel of a classic bulb. Not for use with Philips HUE products At 5000-Kelvin, Philips daylight bulbs provide full-spectrum lighting that provides cool, blue-tone illumination and the highest availabe CRI (color rendering index) to bring sunlight level brightness into your indoor spaces. Best-in-class Philips LEDs provide turn on instantly with energy-efficient flicker-free, natural light that won't degrade over time. Unlike cheaper imitations, Philips LED offers clean, natural lighting with exceptional clarity. LED light bulbs last up to 10X longer than incandescent and halogen bulbs. Unlike fluorescent and compact fluorescent bulbs, Philips LEDs are mercury-free so they don't contribute to hazardous waste. This Pack of 16, A19 Philips LEDs comes with a 3-year warranty. Each bulb is expected to deliver a lifetime of up to 15,000 hours and over 10 years (based on three hours per day), saving you the cost and hassle of frequent bulb replacement.

PAR20 LED bulbs provide glare-free spot lighting that is perfect for track lights, emergency lights, recessed lights or can lights that accept PAR20 bulbs with E26/E27 medium screw bases. This LED spotlight bulb has 1 COB (chips-on-board) LED that produces up to 620 lumens and emits a narrow 40° beam angle of dimmable natural or warm white illumination. And with a high CRI (color-rendering index) of 80, light from the LED shows the true colors of any object or surrounding. A parabolic aluminized reflector works with the honeycomb diffuser to reduce glare and disperse light evenly. This UL Listed, energy-efficient LED bulb uses only 7 watts of power; an incandescent bulb with comparable light output would consume 60-70 watts. The LED spotlight bulb has 120V AC operation and is designed to last 35,000 hours—29 times longer than incandescents. Price per bulb.

I had an electrician install 30, PAR30 LED Bulb - 40 Watt LED Spotlight Bulb/Flood Light Bulb - Natural White 36 Degree. I did the geometry in advance as the lamps
were in 6 rows of 5. There rows varied in height at 22', 24' or 26' . The room was 42' x 72'. This is a multi-purpose room for a church. The new LED's provide great improvement for reading, etc. over the old Par30, 300 watt incandescent lamps. We also used extenders to get the lamps closer to the opening of each can. 2 per can.
There were old wall dimmers for each row(6). The electrician had to replace them with simple off/on wall switch so we did not have any flickering. The new lamps have transformed the room. Coverage is even and light much brighter. Everyone is thrilled with the results.

Tbulb 60 watt

t bulb 60 watt


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