Tbulb 120v 20w

Regarding other standard bulbs, a higher wattage generally means a brighter light, but the number of watts truly only references the amount of power being used. However, LED light bulbs measure emitted light by the number of lumens. Lumens are a measurable unit of brightness, and each bulb is rated to produce a certain number of lumens. LEDs allow for a much more accurate way of gauging light intensity; they provide equivalent levels of illumination as other bulbs while utilizing around 20% or less electricity when compared to similar bulbs.

Sunlite Lightings LED G25 lamps deliver a comfortable but vivid and flicker-free ray of light to any setting. Consuming only w ... atts of energy to produce a stunning 2300K Warm White light in addition to offering significant energy savings when compared to competing bulbs. Ideal for various settings while not utilizing any hazardous chemicals, such as Mercury. Featuring a Medium (E26) base, they are designed to fit in a variety of applications. With an average lamp life of 20000 hours, Sunlite Lightings G25 bulbs do more than just illuminate a room; these bulbs add a layer of life to any and all dcor. read more

Tbulb 120v 20w

t bulb 120v 20w


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