Tbolt trigger

Made from 440c cutlery grade stainless steel and stress relieved. OD grooves are fully radiused on the bottom (instead of square) to enhance cleaning and carbon removal. After heat treatment and through hardening to 58 HRc Rockwell, the pieces are ground to final dimensions, with a glass-like surface finish of 9 on the Profolomater, machined to tolerances of +/- .0005” (1/2 of 1000th of an inch). Final finishing includes surface hard chrome plating to .0005” depth, and heat treatment to our SOP to prevent chrome cracking and hydrogen embrittlement.

The sear is 16. When the sear’s step 38 is resting on top of the connector’s edge 39, (look at the top & left edge of 39 on top of the trigger), the sear remains in the high position, the cocking piece of the bolt is held to the rear, meaning the firing pin is held back off the cartridge. When 39 is moved to the right (in Fig 5, or forward in the rifle), the connector (39) is pushed out from under the step on the sear (38) and the sear is pushed out of the way of the cocking piece and the firing pin slams forward on to the primer.

Tbolt trigger

t bolt trigger


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