T-bolt hose clamps

The basic clamp comprises of an austenitic grade 304 stainless steel band and tongue which is wide x thick and is supplied temper rolled in the half hard condition as well as being edge dressed to protect even the most delicate hose. The T-bolt is manufactured using high tensile carbon steel heat treated to obtain 65-70 tonnes tensile strength and zinc plated. The trunnion is a Zamak 3 zinc alloy die casting and the nut is a nylon inserted self locking type. The NX3 style has an identical build apart from an increase is band thickness to for applications where a more robust clamping solution is required.

T-bolt hose clamps

t-bolt hose clamps


t-bolt hose clampst-bolt hose clampst-bolt hose clampst-bolt hose clampst-bolt hose clamps