Tbolt clamps home depot

I know this reply is late, I removed jack screw and saw it was plated. DAY 1 The plating was coming off, So I removed the jack screw and hit it with a wire wheel, removed as much of the plating as I could, then I greased the heck out of it. MUCH MUCH MUCH are lots of other issues too. But that was the worst. The pivot bolt was supposed to be a shoulder bolt, they just used a regular bolt with a nut which eventually fell out causing the entire wheel and jack assembly to fall off when going down the highway. The air valve stems are too long and hit the wheel frame. If you still have it I can help. By the way, Outside of those issues, its wonderful.......

Each of our A307 Hex Bolts is made from premium low carbon steel and is galvanized to give it the needed protection against corrosion, making it last longer that its non-galvanized counterpart. Being a global distributor of fasteners and industrial shop supplies, The Industrial Depot manufactures high quality A307 Galvanized Hex Bolts of different diameters (from ½ inch to 1 inch) and sizes (1 inch to 20 inches) to cater to a wider scope of applications, big or small. These bolts are made in accordance with the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and are guaranteed to suit your every requirement and need.

Tbolt clamps home depot

t bolt clamps home depot


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