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I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful your agent, Chuck Williamson, was to work with. He exemplifies the title of real estate agent to the highest level! Always concerned about our purchase, even when the first deal fell through. He went to work right away to find our current purchase. He always stayed in contact with us until the closing. Chuck is a true professional who cares about his clients. He is a major "plus" to the Chesson Agency. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a home. I hope to work with him on our next purchase.

Descendents of Lauchlin MeNeill who married Mary McNeill: their only child, was Hector McNeill who married Nancy McEachern [McEachin] first, by whom he had six children: John, Daniel, Margaret, Sarah Ann, Almena and Mary. His second wife was Belle McNeill by whom he had six children, viz, Lauchlin, Catharine, Jane, Ursula, Hugh and Hector. The two last died in the Civil War. Lauchlin married Margaret Hughes. Ursula married Tom Smith. Almena married Malcolm McNeill. Sarah Ann married James McDonald.
Hector McNeill, Anunce (?) 1725, near Fayetteville at the close of the Revolution on a farm in Richmond Co. three miles west of Robesons Ferry, now Gilchrist Bridge, on Drowning Creek. Children: two sons, one daughter, Angus, Lauchlin and Sarah. Angus married Margaret McEachern [ McEachin ]. Children - (Daniel McNeill, known as Calder Daniel, 1800-1868. ( Angus (John (Major Jack) 1801- 1879. McNeill ( and (Mary 1803- 1856. ( Margaret (Hector (Preacher, .)1805- 1872. McEachern [ McEachin ]( (Flora 1807- 1872. ( (Lauchlin 1809- 1893. Lauchlin ( (Nancy McEachern (John McNeill, ( ( (Daniel second son (Hector( (Sarah of Hector ( (Bellen [ Isabella ] McNeill (Hull [ ? Ann? ] and ( ( (Margaret Margaret ( ( Almenia . ( Married ( Mary ( Others not known McNeill ( Sarah ( McNeill ( third child ( of Hector ( Never married and ( Margaret [ NO ]( Godfrey McNeill (Malcolm (The Saddler) married Katy Torry. ( Kattie [ Kittie ] McDougald (Daniel (The Hatter) married Celia Humphrey. ( America (Alexander(Carpenter) married Polly McEachern ( (James married Sarah McNeill, Long Duncan’s daughter. ( (Hector (Carpenter) married Miss Lucy Crane. Were met at ( (John (The Hatter) married Miss Taylor (Bladen Co.) Cross Creek ( (Neill never married. By ( (Nancy married Peter Johnson (Father of Gov. James J, of Ga.) Jimmie McNeill ( (Betsy married Archie [ Wild Archie ] McNeill (Son of Long Duncan) of ( (Katie Married Daniel Johnson (Brother of Peter Johnson) Rock Fish ( (Sallie married [ Daniel ] Stewart and moved to . Creek ( ( ( Jimmie McNeill (Long Duncan married Margaret McNeill. ( --------------------- [ Archie Gar McNeill son of Jane Campbell & her 1st husband Wm. McNeill. ] [ Copied from the Recorder of Land Grant Office in Raleigh, . Archibald McNeill Feb. 25, 1754 Book 10, Page 429 File # 1227- 200 acres on a Branch of Rockfish Creek. ]

Tball zebulon nc

t ball zebulon nc


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