Rolex gmt master one

Dear John,
Thanks for this write-up and documentation on the various dials of the 16710. As you mentioned, the stick-dial is not an error-dial, nor the rectangular dial. They are just different fonts used over different era’s. The stick-dial goes back as far as 2005 in D-Serials. The rectangular was used towards the end of the production in Late Z-Serials and early M-Serials. The 3186 caliber is a nice upgrade in the 16710, but I doubt that over the coming years it will fetch a higher premium. I hope you are right, but I doubt it.
Thanks again for your great site! I enjoy it every time I visit.

The Yacht-Master has quickly become a mainstay in my collection of watches, and I’m really surprised that I didn’t get this watch sooner. It easily dresses up or down, and the color of the platinum dial blends easily with nearly all choices of wardrobe. Unfortunately, the watch has a very high retail price – $7, – that’s higher than the stainless Daytona or the two-tone Submariner. On the plus side though, the Yacht-Master is one of Rolex’s very best designed and most exclusive models, with the enhanced dial, bracelet, and precious metals used its construction.

I’ll ultimately add a nice 1675 like Blaise’s to my stable, but I’m happy I went down the more esoteric path with the Rolex GMT Master 16753. It’s truly a different kind of watch that’s packed with a great, convenient movement and the same “toolish” features that make the stainless versions a favorite. Plus, prices are lower than 1675’s, the Root Beers are easier to source and you can be assured that you’re sporting a less seen, likely more rare, timepiece. Now, if anyone has a gold 1980’s Mercedes 560SEC for sale, I think my look will be complete.

Rolex gmt master one

rolex gmt master one


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