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In a few years from now, Android will get even more advanced features.
Rumors are that Google's UI designers have developed a radically new take on how to interact with your phone. In the future, the screen will show little customizable images (they will be called "icons") that can immediately activate any dedicated command with just one simple tap from your fingertip -- without having to stumble around yelling commands and having to yell them again when they're misunderstood.
This really advanced interface would allow us to execute commands in complete silence, without bystanders even noticing what you're doing!
It's a pity we'll still have to wait a few years for this tremendous improvement.

It’s no surprise Google bought the stealthy artificial intelligence startup DeepMind a few weeks ago. Its founders have long been interested in AI and Larry Page is rumored to have led the acquisition of DeepMind himself. Back in 2000, Page once said that he believed “artificial intelligence would be the ultimate version of Google.” The company continues to go down this path, and many of the researchers at Google’s semi-secret X-labs seem to have a strong interest in AI, too. The ideal user interface for working with these systems is probably speech.

Okay google what is dianabol

okay google what is dianabol


okay google what is dianabolokay google what is dianabolokay google what is dianabolokay google what is dianabolokay google what is dianabol