Minimum primo dosage

I have been vaping for years and would never vape something that had significant amounts of alcohol in it. There are much better methods. Decarb first. Then do a QWET or QWISO extraction (plenty of methods on the internet), which will leave you with concentrated cannabis oil and no alcohol remaining. I do the evaporation portion of the extraction in a glass dish. Then gently warm your oil in the glass dish, add some PG (Propylene Glycol), mix it up, use a syringe to transfer it from your glass dish into a dropper bottle, add some more PG to your glass dish, mix to pick up any remaining cannabis oil, and transfer that to your dropper bottle. Add some flavoring (peppermint is good), and you are ready to vape. I probably end up with about a 10:1 ratio of PG to extracted cannabis oil and 4 or 5 puffs on my vaping device is enough. FYI, the cannabis extract mixes with PG much better than with VG.

I haven’t had to use it myself, but I’ve heard letrozol is the most effective thing for reducing gyno. You can keep it at bay but the only thing that will remove the tissue is surgery. Continue to hit the aromasyn at 20-25mg/day until it goes down, in the meantime order some letrozol and -2mg/day I believe is the recommended dosage for getting gyno symptoms to subside. Research letro because personally I’ve never used it but off top of my head I THINK that’s the recommended dosage to get gyno symptoms to go down

Minimum primo dosage

minimum primo dosage


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