Mast prop test prop

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I am planning a shrouded prop, so if the diameter gets too large there are additional grids necessary to protect your foot or fist from touching the prop from the inlet side. The outlet is not protected as rotating blades will not harm anything, because they will repell everything with their angle of attack. This is kind of bloody experience i made with aero props.
My design had two horizontal fins as a grid (in combination with the vertical fin), for 14cm i plan to have a single horizontal fin, please have a look here: Direct drive outrunner with direct water cooling
By this i hope i can reduce drag a lot and overcompensate the lesser efficiency of reduced area.

After an anaphylactic reaction due to an unknown food, I finally had allergy testing today and it showed I was only allergic to venom (I’d had an episode due to yellow jackets once a couple of years ago). However, I had an outrageous reaction to the positive control histamine. For the intradermal test, the spot on my arm looked like a quarter with the thickness of a nickel was trying to push its way out of my arm and the lab tech/nurse said the redness was unmeasurable, and would have to be noted as the maximum of 45 rather than the three or so inches it truly was. I asked a lot of questions and she said I basically was allergic to myself by being allergic to the chemical histamine that your body produces. Basically, we’d found our answer, she said. When I mentioned it appeared I was allergic to histamine to the doctor, she said everyone is supposed to react to the histamine. And that was that.

Mast prop test prop

mast prop test prop


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