Mast kalandar j p nagar bangalore

Albela (1951)(12) MD-C Ramchandra
Balma bada naadaan re (Albela)
Bholi soorat dil ke khote (Albela)
Deewaana ye parwaana (Albela)
Dheere se aaja ri ankhiyan mein (Albela) Multiple version song
Dil dhadke nazar sharmaaye (Albela)
Haseenon se muhabbat ka buraa anjaam hotaa hai (Albela)
Mehfil mein meri kaun ye deewaana aa gayaa (Albela)
Mere dil ki ghadi kare tik tik tik (Albela)
O betaa jee (Albela)
Shaam dhale khidki tale(Albela )
Shola jo bhadke dil mera dhadke(Albela )

If I have one word to describe this shampoo, it will be- Fabulous. It is a life saver for people like me who want value for money products. From the very first wash my hair has fallen in love with this shampoo. I have nearly waist long hair which was going through a damage phase with all the usual problems like dryness, roughness, hair fall and a few spilt ends. I could even detect hair breakage which is a problem I never faced previously. Many brands with high reputation like Dove, L’Oreal, Pantene and Sunsilk had failed me miserably. In such a scenario you can imagine my frustration and desperation. My hair had gone into a coma like state and was refusing to respond to any treatment. Being a student I cannot afford all the high end salon brands and the usually useless salon treatments. On top of that Kolkata summer was making my scalp go nuts and it was producing too much oil which was in turn exaggerating my chronic dandruff. I had decided to chop off my hair into a bob but my mother gave me a strict no no. left with no other option I searched IMBB and found a ray of light finally.

The shampoo is milk white in colour and unlike many commercial shampoos, has a pretty runny texture. It has a pleasing aroma which lasts really long. It’s kinda fresh flowery type and stays in your hair for a good 2 days ( if you keep your hair tied up mostly). The shampoo is ultra mild and you have to use more than 2-5 ml to get the oil and dirt out of your tresses. I use the shampoo every alternate day and it has brought back life to my hair. My hair has been restored to its former glory with the help of this shampoo. Never once did I feel my hear limp, dull and damaged. My hair is silkier than ever before with a smoothness to die for. The shampoo has also added a natural, healthy shine to it. Also the shampoo has prevented new split ends from occurring and terminated the problem of hair fall. My scalp has gone back to normal and dandruff or itching has gone out of it. One thing I would like to mention, please keep the shampoo in your hair for 3 -4 minutes to fully absorb its goodness.
I normally use a conditioner after shampooing and that is all that I need for my hair. Please note that I do not blow dry my hair or straighten it with flat irons or use any styling products. So I do not know how well it will work on over styled or heat damaged hair.

Mast kalandar j p nagar bangalore

mast kalandar j p nagar bangalore


mast kalandar j p nagar bangaloremast kalandar j p nagar bangalore