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Modern masts form the leading edge of a sail's airfoil and tend to have a teardrop-shaped cross-section. On smaller racing yachts and catamarans, the mast rotates to the optimum angle for the sail's airfoil. If the mast has a long, thin cross-section and makes up a significant area of the airfoil, it is called a wing-mast; boats using these have a smaller sail area to compensate for the larger mast area. There are many manufacturers of modern masts for sailing yachts of all sizes, a few notable companies are Hall Spars, Offshore Spars , and Southern Spars.

When Mast Motorsports says that it actively participates in the manufacturing process, it’s not exaggerating. Company personnel keep close tabs on all operations, getting their hands dirty by smoothing out sand cores, packing chills into molds, and inspecting raw castings while they’re still steaming hot. “It’s very atypical for a foundry to have that kind of participation from a client. Most clients have no idea how to manufacture a casting, so they leave it up to the foundry to design the tooling and gating, and to put in all the legwork,” says Mast. “It’s one thing to design a part. It’s another thing to design a part that can actually be manufactured, then design the tooling necessary to shape the pieces of sand used to manufacture the product. What sets us apart is that since we know how to design the tooling, we can actively participate throughout the entire manufacturing process to maintain consistency and quality control.”

Mast e sides

mast e sides


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