Lean six sigma revenue cycle

“As a Boeing program manager I utilized tools from the LSS program frequently when interfacing with hourly employees, salary employees, managers, mid-level managers and executives. I was able to bring what I learned in a manufacturing environment to my new position at Seattle City Light.  I bring practical experience and interaction to class when teaching. I firmly believe in what I teach and sincerely care about the professional success of my students,” LSS instructor Nathan Navarro said. Read more...   Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt certificates are now APPROVED FOR VA BENEFITS and WORKSOURCE funding. Register or Apply Now!

The diagnostic X-ray allowed the company to shift from the theoretical to a concrete plan of action for cost-saving initiatives, with the diagnostic team creating a methodology for identifying and testing solutions. In the value stream mapping phase, industrial engineers and subject matter experts spent more than 700 hours observing plant activities to pinpoint wasted time and ways to streamline processes to reduce labor costs. Focusing on component fabrication—an area of the plant where parts were assembled—they walked the plant floor, interviewing shop floor supervisors and gathering process flow information for each manufacturing step, plotting the time spent and the resulting productivity.

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Lean six sigma revenue cycle

lean six sigma revenue cycle


lean six sigma revenue cyclelean six sigma revenue cyclelean six sigma revenue cyclelean six sigma revenue cyclelean six sigma revenue cycle