Lean granola cycle 2

I just got the book and am about to start the 17 day diet. I’m hopeful that this will be the way for me to eat healthier and cut out the junk food and sweets! I do have some quick questions.
1. It says to eat fruits and veggies raw except for carrots and tomatoes. Why? And can you not have them raw at all?
2. When do people normally have their snack? I was thinking breakfast, lunch, snack (a fruit), dinner and snack (yogurt or veggies) in the evening. Does that sound right?
3. It says to squeeze lemon into your first morning glass of water. Can you use lemon in your water thru out the day? Thank your for any help you can provide. I’m making my shopping list and am quite excited to get started!

Lean granola cycle 2

lean granola cycle 2


lean granola cycle 2lean granola cycle 2lean granola cycle 2