Embolism definition

In an observational study of 40 patients with PE who had failed systemic thrombolysis, patients who underwent surgical embolectomy had fewer recurrent PE compared with patients who had repeat thrombolysis (0 versus 35 percent) [ 65 ]. In addition, there were fewer deaths and fewer major bleeding complications associated with surgical embolectomy, which did not achieve statistical significance. In another series of 115 patients who underwent surgical embolectomy, compared with patients who had stable PE, those with unstable PE had a higher operative mortality (10 versus 4 percent) and worse survival (75 versus 93 percent) [ 69 ]. Another retrospective series reported an in hospital mortality of only 2 percent and immediate improvement of right ventricle pressures that persisted at 30 months [ 62 ].

Embolism definition

embolism definition


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