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Real estate investors rely upon a variety of types information when negotiating for income producing properties - for instance, the desirability of the property's current location and/or any prospective changes in the neighborhood are two common factors. One crucial piece of information that helps investors make their decision is called the capitalization rate (or "cap rate"). The cap rate (expressed as the ratio of the property's net income to its purchase price ) allows investors to compare properties by evaluating a rate of return on the investment made in the property. [1] [2] If you are considering an investment property, then you may want to calculate the cap rate first and then use it to help you make your decision.

At the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Smith was involved in the most controversial Olympic 100 meters final of all time and ended up receiving the bronze medal. Ben Johnson of Canada crossed the line first, with Lewis second, Linford Christie of Great Britain third, and Smith fourth. When Johnson tested positive for anabolic steroids and was stripped of his gold medal, Smith was upgraded to the bronze medal position. The race has been called by one newspaper "the dirtiest race in history", [1] as Lewis later admitted to having tested positive for stimulants in that year's trials, and Christie's urine also contained metabolites of a banned substance after the race. Of the top 5 in that race, Smith is the only one who never failed a drugs test. Smith later said: "I should have been the gold medalist". [2] In the ESPN documentary * , eventual silver medalist Christie states, and footage of the race shows, that Lewis "ran out of his lane... two or three times" during the race, which should have resulted in Lewis' automatic disqualification. This should have elevated Smith to, at least, the silver medal.

Diana boldon

diana boldon


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