Dht only cycle

Pumpkin seed oil has also been proven to inhibit the production of 5-alpha-reductase. Pumpkin seeds contain not one but two DHT blockers. The first is beta-sitosterol, a phytosterol, which is structurally like cholesterol. The other is a steroid, delta-7-sterine. A 2014 Chinese study evaluated the effect of a daily dose of 400mg of pumpkin seed oil on 38 men with AGA. A randomized equal number of men received a placebo. After 24 weeks, scientists discovered a 40% mean increase in hair count in the group receiving the pumpkin seed oil as compared to the placebo group.

This was my experience. I started out in jc for two hears and most guys juiced year round because they don't test at that level because it can be expensive. Once I went to a top school after jc things got intense. People ask questions and there always seemed to be rumors of x players getting tested because they were so big and good. I never used gear in college so I didn't have to worry but at division one most guys that did juice, did it off season. Long esters right after season and then short esters as the season approached. I don't think it is worth it because you can get your scholarship taken if caught. Very few people that juice make it to the NFL so in the end the risk is not worth the reward.

Dht only cycle

dht only cycle


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