Denebola pad

Remingtonocetids lived in the Middle-Eocene in South Asia , about 49 to 43 million years ago. [22] Compared to family Pakicetidae and Ambulocetidae, Remingtonocetidae was a diverse family found in north and central Pakistan and western India. Remingtonocetids were also found in shallow marine deposits, but they were obviously more aquatic than ambulocetidae. This is demonstrated by the recovery of their fossils from a variety of coastal marine environments, including near-shore and lagoonal deposits. [1] According to stable oxygen isotopes analysis, most remingtonocetids did not ingest fresh water, and had hence lost their dependency on fresh water relatively soon after their origin. [13]

FRAM I "A" Ships: Removal of aft Twin 5 inch/38 caliber Gun mount (Mount 53). GROUP A ships also received two MK10/11 Hedgehogs fitted on each side of the bridge at the O-1 level and had the MK-32 triple torpedo launchers aft of the second stack. FRAM I "B" Ships: Kept their forward 5 inch mount (Mount 51), lost the second mount (Mount 52) and kept their aft 5 inch mount (Mount 53). In place of mount 52, a practice 5 inch reloading machine was installed with the MK-32 triple torpedo launchers aft of the loader. Group B ships also received greater ASROC and torpedo storage areas next to the port side of the DASH hangar. [14] [15]

Denebola pad

denebola pad


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