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On April 21–22, 1999, Kamen worked with the heavy metal band Metallica , along with The San Francisco Symphony , to record a two-day concert that was held at The Berkeley Community Theatre in Berkeley, California . The concert performance, titled S&M by Metallica, which is an acronym for "Symphony and Metallica", referencing the corroboration of the two artists, was released on November 23, 1999 on CD, DVD, and VHS formats, debuting at #2 on the Billboard 200 , subsequently reaching multi-platinum status by 2001. Later that year, Kamen and Metallica won a Grammy Award For Best Rock Instrumental Performance for the S&M track titled "The Call Of Ktulu".

Partially because of the renewed interest in the Metro, the July 2009 issue of Car and Driver included a base model 1998 Chevrolet Metro 3-door hatchback among vehicles tested for fuel efficiency alongside two hybrid models: the redesigned Honda Insight and Toyota Prius models. Car and Driver yet jokingly ridiculed the Metro's age and equipment, docking seven points from its overall score for its lack of amenities and mentioning that it was originally sold brand-new without hubcaps . Regardless, the Metro tied the Prius for best overall fuel economy at 42 mpg ‑US ( l/100 km). The vehicle finished third overall behind the Insight and Prius. [17]

Decca injection

decca injection


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