In a similar experiment, Takahashi and Blanchard (1982) established seven colonies of domestic and seven colonies of wild-trapped Norway rats consisting of 3 adult males and 3 adult females each. Pups born were moved at age 30 days. After 15 weeks, these colonies were tested with an intruder for 6 minutes. The dominant male attacked the intruder about one minute after introduction, and chased, sidled, bit, and stood on top of the intruder. The dominant male inflicted 90% of the bites on intruders, and 80% of these bites were to the rump. Almost all the remaining bites were to the limbs or tail. Bites to the head or belly were extremely rare (less than 1 in 40).

Formally with Misys and Turaz, he served as Senior Vice President Professional Services and Support. Preceding Misys, he was Senior Vice President of International Professional Services with Ventyx. Mr. Somerville began his career at Ventyx through the Vista acquisition of Global Energy Decisions (GED) in 2007, where he served the company as its Senior Vice President of Global Operations and SVP of Finance and Operations. Mr. Somerville has held senior level management positions in the applications software industry from the 1980’s working with Logica, TSW, Indus, Convergent, Workplace Systems and KWI.

After WWI, America bathed in economic prosperity, allowing them to enjoy more leisure time and technology.   People were getting richer and began to spend more money. They therefore began to spend money for better roads, tourism and holiday resorts Henry Ford's Model T., was the first car invented and helped people to live an easy life by making transportation easier and faster. Henry Ford's Assembly Line was also important, because, many people adopted it to make labor fast and easy in their industries. However it decreased the amount of laborers needed to do one job.