Debola deji kurunmi

Debola is a 2012 UN Scholar at the United Nations University for Peace and a 2013 Coca Cola Scholar of Social Sector Management at Pan Atlantic University. Her career spans the Academia, Consulting and Non-Profit Management, with work experience as Research Associate at Covenant University, HR Consultant at HCDC Limited, Learning Consultant at Phillips Consulting and Head, Foundation Initiatives at RegCharles Foundation. Debola sits on the Faculty of organisations including FATE Foundation, LEAP Africa, The Enterprising Nigeria (enterprise development and education institution), SeSeWa (employability advocate), Project STRETCH (sustainable youth strategies organization) and Watermark Academy (a Kingdom-based Business School for start-up entrepreneurs). A 2012 HACEY Girl Child Ambassador, 2014 GAME Champion of Change, 2014 Crans Montana New Leader for Tomorrow and 2015 Amani Ambassador, she is also a Life Coach and Author.

Vision is also very important to me infact it is the criteria for me in terms of organisations that I join, friendships that I keep, what I invest my money and my time in. so I’m driven by a very compelling sense of vision and a sense of purpose in a world. Something that is also very important to me is a successful sense of roundedness. I don’t know how to put it, but I like to have it all, I believe that God’s people can have it all, I believe that a woman can have it all. You can have it all, I believe that, it is at the centre of my life, I am consistently unravelling the wisdom of God for having it all.

Debola deji kurunmi

debola deji kurunmi


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