Debol multimedia

The display of the notebook features an IPS panel, which is great, at first glance. Unfortunately, it does not offer the typical strengths of this type of panel, as it has a pretty low color gamut coverage and it won’t be suitable for work with colors like web design or photo editing. It also has PWM for all brightness levels except 100%, but the maximum brightness is enough for comfortable use in a well-lit room, so you shouldn’t need to lower it under normal working conditions. The keyboard is good for a mid-range device; the keys are evenly spaced and comfortable to type on, and the trackpad is spacy and comfortable. The battery life is decent for the seemingly power-hungry Full HD IPS panel and discrete GPU, but good power management squeezes out about 4 and a half hours of web browsing or movie watching. Overall, this is a very good device with great specs for its price.

fireberd The mulitmedia audio controller is part of your sound "card".  If you have the standard audio (on the motherboard and the Speaker connection is on the motherboard I/O panel) you have the Analog Devices audio.  If you have an optional sound card - the speaker jack will be on a card in the I/O expansion area of the PC, if you moved the PC that sound card may need reseating.  Just moving the PC would not affect the standard Integrated (on the motherboard) audio.  However, if there was rough handling of the tower PCI sound cards could have been loosened.

Debol multimedia

debol multimedia


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