Dbal laser

The Heckler & Koch MP5 is a 9mm submachine gun of German design, developed in the 1960s. The MP5 is one of the most widely used submachine guns in the world, having been adopted by about 40 nations and numerous military and intelligence agencies. The package may be small, but this amazing piece of engineering can release lead hornets at a rate of 800 rounds a minute. HeliBacon’s MP5 has the 4 position trigger pack so you can try three-round burst and full-auto fun. The surprisingly light recoil of this 9mm system makes the MP5 our most popular machine gun for male and female shooters alike.

Steiner eOptics DBAL - A2 Laser Sights with Visible Super Power Point Laser, High Power Infrared Laser and Infrared Laser Illuminator DBAL-A2 are laser sights power-packed with an infrared laser , infrared laser illuminator and a visible Super Power Point laser for maximum daytime visibility. When every second counts, the versatile Steiner eOptics DBALA2 from Steiner eOptics is the right choice for any mission or encounter in the law enforcement and military sectors . Steiner eOptics Laser Sights have exceptional functionality and versatility and the DBAL A2 resulted in its selection for acquision by the . Department of Defense as part of the Multi-functional Aiming Light Contract.

Steiner eOptics DBAL-I2 Dual Beam Laser, Class 1 Infrared Laser and Visible Laser combined extreme accuracy and rugged construction. The DBAL I2 Dual Beam Aiming Laser-Intelligent2 from Steiner eOptics is built to withstand the toughest tactical and combat situations, in the harshest and most difficult weather and terrain conditions. Steiner eOptics BDAL-I2 is the perfect tool for night vision devices and night time operation with the visible red laser . This Laser by Steiner eOptics is smaller and lighter and also significantly shorter and leaves more rail space for other accessories, and can have a sub-miniature red dot sight mounted to it for even more versatility.

Dbal laser

dbal laser


dbal laserdbal laserdbal laserdbal laserdbal laser