Craft master one glass

To have a wholesale Buyer Badge with your name and company on it waiting for you at the Exhibit Hall registration desk, log onto /registration and fill out the Wholesale Buyer pre-registration form and purchase your admittance. You will not have to wait in line to purchase admittance from the hotel, just to pick up your badge. You will still have to bring your credentials to the desk to pick up the badge. If you are registering for classes, you can choose Wholesale Buyer as your badge type when registering for classes.

I made these for teacher Christmas gifts with great success! I scoured old magazines for patterns and pretty images. The ones with greater contrast in the images work best if you use the vase marbles. I tried both the silicone glue and the JewelIt glue to compare, and the JewelIt is far superior. It tries firm and fast with no “give.” I was able to pry the marble from the magnet with the silicone glue so it wasn’t as safe or as permanent. JewelIt has some color when first applied but is completely clear when dry and it’s rock solid. I bought magnets, JewelIt and marbles at Michael’s. Michael’s also had little round favor tins that I used for presentation – fits five marble magnets in a circle, and just perfect for gift giving. Thank you so much for the idea!!!

Craft master one glass

craft master one glass


craft master one glasscraft master one glasscraft master one glasscraft master one glasscraft master one glass