Bol d'or tickets

PAL-V ONE (Personal Air and Land Vehicle), a vehicle design which combines a gyrocopter with tricycle undercarriage was on display alongside Solar and supersonic planes from Boom Supersonic. Boom Technology is making a supersonic airliner faster than Concorde, yet so efficient tickets will be affordable to the average airplane passenger. The plane will fly at a speed of Mach, so could reach London from New York 3hrs15minutes. A new 8ft model of the passenger craft was on show with a VR experience so visitors could ‘walk through’ the future plane interior.

There are two main companies that operate throughout the island: the United Bus Service (UBS) and the National Transport Corporation (NTC), known also as the "blue bus". These companies, along with Mauritius Bus Transport, are run by the National Transport Authority from Mauritius. There are also other smaller companies running fleet of buses on the same routes where demand is high. You may encounter for example RHT, Rose-Hill Transport, on routes to and from the town of Rose-Hill and TBS, Triolet Bus Service in Triolet, a village in the north.

Bol d'or tickets

bol d'or tickets


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